Thursday, February 27, 2014

The One I Love.

This Moonstone ring reminded me of a friends ring only this one has Moonstone in it while hers had Citrine. I had always loved that ring of hers and dearly wanted one of my own so when I saw this posted on The One I Love's website I knew I had to make it my own. Its so beautiful in person, Moonstone set in Rose Gold, swoon. I haven't taken it off since it's arrived in the mail and although I have been feeling my friends spirit with me,  everytime I look at my ring and it lets off a purple glint its like a little wink from the heavens. If you like expertly curated vintage and antique rings please visit The One I Love. You wont be disappointed....Maybe a little light in the pockets, but hey, solid gold is worth more than dollar bills so buy with your future in mind! XX

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pretty Little Things.

Its no secret that I love pretty, shiny, mystical things, but it's almost as if Catbird was created just for me. I have been shopping at Catbird since they opened way back when, when I was broke and could only touch but not buy. Life has changed thankfully and now I can buy myself a little present every once in a while. Its so nice to be able to do that. This Valentines Day I decided to order myself their Open Heart ring. Its a reminder to keep my heart open no matter how many times its been burned. Its important to always be receptive to the love floating around us. XX

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Braiding Game.

Big fan of braids! They are the reason I'm growing my hair long again. I'm going to take those cool old school updos and make them modern....on my head....with braids. Yay!! 

This one is simple!

Just take 2 pieces of hair and twist them into each other along the perimeter of your fringe.  

Great for camouflaging those annoying bangs you're trying to grow out or just cuten up your day time look. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Music Monday.

My sister and I got tickets to our guilty pleasure Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour. So stoked you guys!!! This Music Monday is dedicated to you Katy! XX

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Save & Splurge: Organic Skin Creams Reviewed

I like to try out new skin creams pretty regularly. All in the same natural vein, but I do like to shop around in different price points so that I have something to recommend for every budget. So welcome to the Brightening Serum edition of Save/Splurge!! 

In category SAVE we have this delightful little blend by Andalou! I got it from Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and have to say, I like it. Priobitics are great internally so why not externally and Vitamin C is perfect for brightening and offering a little extra Sun protection!

 In our SPLURGE category we have Origins Mega Bright! I do love both and think they do a great job of lightening those pesky dark marks but if you can work it into your budget I would suggest eventually investing in Origins Mega Bright. It made my skin luminous!!

Enjoy! and let me know what you think! XX

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Handwriting & New Make Up.

I've decided to take up yet another hobby lol, handwriting! I went to catholic school when I was little and cursive was a priority, big time and as I got into High School, bubble letters ruled my world. My mother also has the most beautiful handwriting ever so with the invention of fun apps like A Beautiful Mess I found myself wanting to just write out the letters the way I wanted. Thank you Papaya for supplying me with pretty books to write in and thank you ABM for the inspiration. The make up is Tarte Powder and the mascara was free Birthday gift from ULTA. Yee!! I love goodies!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Salon Alert.

After much deliberation I have finally moved out of Brooklyn and accepted a new position as the resident Stylist/Colorist/Skin Guru at Get Glamorous with Nellie Salon!  Im super excited about this new chapter and I can't wait to serve the Hudson Valley area. If you want to book an appointment please feel free to call or pop into the salon:

163 South Main Street
New City NY 10956

Music Monday.

I like this soooong. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Music Monday.

I love this song! I found these guys on Pandora where I find all of my music because ya know at 30 I am no longer in the "scene".  Which is more than fine with me. They fit in with my other fav's; Air,  Zero 7, Tycho....I just really like mellow, cool, romantic sounding music. Hope you enjoy!! XX

Sunday, February 2, 2014


These are a few of my favorite products (from top to bottom):
Trader Joes SPF 50
Eclos Facial Serum
Origins Planscription Serum
Acne Bootcamp
Weleda Skinfood
Chill Pill Spray
Yes Serum
Lavender Oil
Origins Ginseng Eye Cream
Tarte Eyeshadow