Saturday, November 27, 2010


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We are honored to be featured on LIVEFRESHDIEHARD!!

And so it begins...

I haven't painted since July (my last exhibit is still up in Spina 11th and B by Tompkins Square Park) and realized I have been extra cranky and grinding my teeth at night extra enthusiastically...soooo I went by the art store and picked up a canvas....this was what I  worked on all night. Universe, I love nights at home to create!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Connecticut Cozy

Happy T-Day.

Our house....

I love you apartment...I love you for your spaciousness, your sunlight, your big cozy kitchen and your unrivaled closeness to the park.

Knit Ties From Germany & Ghosts in the Cottonwoods

 Jeeez, Bobby you aren't even kissing me back. Meanie Mc Sweeney!

 How rad is this tie?? Thank you Liam!!

Monday night the husbanditto and I went to see Ghosts in the Cottonwoods...Bobby reviews plays and books for Slant, The L and various other cool websites so we are always on our way to some fun play or reading...That particular play was not what I expected hahaha. I was thinking nice calm Monday night play, but it was GRUESOME!!  Great, but utterly disturbing.
 My new glasses (Kitami) rock!! And a HUGE thank you to Cousin Liam for the awesome scarf and tie he knit for Bobby and I. Thank you so much Liam!! We love you and hope to visit you in Germany soon!!

MMMMMM, sweet nature.....


 American Eagle Pea Coat: Thrifted
Christy's Fedora
Leopard cross T: Kaviar & Cigarettes