Wednesday, May 25, 2011

big screens & poetry readings

what i wore:
thrifted denim jacket, thats right, work it at a salvation army near you
h&m striped shirt
belt from the w stores
red bdg jeans
and my sperry topsiders

oh hey lisa marie simpson!
lewk at that flawless make up!

the minister who married us! james and his new crest tattoos. gotta love mom and dad.

ahhhh! so the hubba bubba and i went to the screening for the film "mating" which i did production design for...yup, i did hair/make up, styling and set design! a lota jobs for one little cando, but it was so so amazing and i was able to work with a really fabulous cast and crew. such exciting things going on around here lately. hmm, must be the sunshine and warm weather because i feel like new york has come alive again and i'm fucking digging it. after the screening we went to our friend mark g's birthday party/poetry reading in east williamsburg. shit was poppin! lots of fun and drunkies and chats with my girls in the hostess' cozy boudoir

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

why oh why.

wtf are these containers doing in my park?
ugh, ya know whats so annoying? i am a pretty petite gal, but my big boobs make me look fat, they create this tent like effect which makes my stomach look massive when in reality i have a really really tiny waist. i have to wear skintight j.lo clothes to show my tiny frame, but everytime i wear something like that i feel like a hooker. i'm little but curvy and i don't want to have to "belt" everything. clothes i want to wear never showcase my size accurately and it pisses me off. how can i dress the way i want, not look fat and not look like a hooker? i guess i just have to get to the tailor more often, or travel back in time to like oooh i don't know 1955 where my shape was the norm and dresses looked lovely instead of like i'm about to hook on the street for a guess gift card. 
what i wore:
thrifted coat
owl necklace from some store on the les...can't remember the name. oh wait! tangdance. duh
sweater and shirt from urban 
american apparel leggings
and the only sandals i can wear because of my toes: jeffrey campbell
 see. i have a waist. lace bra from urban outfitters.
 iggy!!!! he's the best.
seriously, everything i wear needs to have an empire waist.
oooooh, it's my darling boy jake. i love you, my little man.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

lollypops lollypops

i fucking love them. blow pops specifically. any flavor.

 this outfit is literally a mish mash of my sleepytime clothes and my mark jakobs sunnies. mostly thrifted or from urban (minus the sunnies, they were from the w) annnd my feet are carefully cropped out. stupid surgical booties that everyone made fun of. i never in a million years imagined my surgical booties would garner snickers, stares and yes even was slightly traumatizing, fucking high school all over again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it's been a while....

this friggen foot surgery has taken my life away.
i haven't been able to do anything really, except look at other peoples pretty blogs and dream of the day when i can wear my heels again. so in the mean time i wanted to post some of the photos that have been getting me through this boring ass time in bed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new haircut.

i had surgery on my feet last week and it's pretty much been the worst. i am dreaming of the day i can get back into heels. in happier news i got a new cut! i think i'm going to go systematically shorter till i get to a mohawk.