Monday, September 27, 2010

Kaviar & Cigarettes

I was art directing a shoot all day Sunday for Priviledged Boutique and knew that I needed to be comfy...comfy still needs to equal chic for me so I threw on my Steve Madden Harlem boots, my fierce Kaviar & Cigarettes Leopard Cross shirt and my thrifted army jacket...Pair all of that with my Ray Bans for a little artful exhaustion coverage and viola!! I was ready to direct.  The shoot went great and the clothes looked flawless. Shout out to my sweets Carson who lovingly crafts these cool t-shirts in his studio.  All done by hand and made in AMERICA baby! 

Bergdorf's Splendor

There was nothing I could do...My camera crawled out of my bag and into my hand and demanded to shoot these beautiful displays. They are gorgeous! Not sure what kind of justice my Iphone camera did them. I'm just happy I was able to document them at all...My Lumix should be on it's way back home soon...Hopefully!


Cargos & Concerts

My husband and I strolled over to Pavement in Central Park and although it was a bit warm I had to wear my J Brand Houlihans!! The Japanese twill is utterly luxurious! Cargo's have a tendency to be super unflattering, but for some reason these are snugg and comf in all the right places. Add a cut up white t-shirt, kick back Soludos and a street fedora and your end of summer/fall ensemble is ready to go.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Matt & Nat

Had to get this Matt & Nat Pharaoh bag...running between DUMBO, home and the city I desperately needed the space for all of my goodies that unfortunately the Marianne bag was seriously wasn't quite as functional as I had hoped. Beautiful with buttery leather,yes, but how can one go wrong with this rockin' vegan mini suitcase? Would you do a giant faux leather bag this fall?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Priviledged Boutique-14 Jay Street

I work at Priviledged Boutique as an in house stylist annnnd it just so happens that they have some of the most rockin' clothes, so really how can I help but try as many of them on during the work day.  Our Sass & Bide leopard print pants have been worn by the likes of Venessa Hudgens and Rihanna.  I literally die and go bananas at the same time over these pants and we only have 2 more bloody pairs!!  I'm dying.  I AM scooping up these great pleated khakis with tapered ankles.  I can't believe I just wrote that I'm buying something with tapered ankles....the 12 year old in me swore it would never be so, but its true....they will be mine this Saturday. Other fun news, GlamDay at Priviledged Boutique is coming up as well and as tradition has it we will have our PriviledgedTinis, a blow out sale and Mini Makeovers.  Its going to be amazingly fun so come by and enjoy the festivities!!

You can't see the detail on my skirt, but it's little handcuffs. So delicately naughty. I love it. This little snazzpiece is from The W Hotels The Store where I also work as an in house stylist. Between working at The Store and working at Priviledged I'll pretty much be the happiest woman ever. Beautiful clothes=happy me.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Amish Country Casual

The husband said give me "attitude" and this was all I had...

Silver Rosettes & Graffiti

When I spotted this snazzy piece I was pretty much on a mission to have it as my own. However, I have to admit I tried to resist because normally something cropped is no bueno for my boobalinies...usually that style makes me look a little chubby, but for some reason this sweater didn't accentuate any of my problem areas and I was sold...errr, or rather it was sold, to me, hours later. I 'm wearing it 2 days in a row because it's that beautiful.  The back is so so so lovely! Having the rosettes in the front and the gorgeous drapery detail in the back make it a must have beautiful item. Front or back, you can't go wrong.

BDG Black Skinnies

Sam Edelman Zoe Boots with Grey Socks
Plastic Island Silver Sweater: The W Hotels The Store 49th & Lexington
Army Jacket: Buffalo Exchange

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Burberry To Marc-Fall/Winter Must Haves

When I saw these amazing creations I literally had to hold back tears of pure excitement. Army/Great Gatsby/30's-40's Perfection....This seasons inspirations are the things my fashion dreams are made of.  
Growing up my greatest inspirations were my Great Grandmother for her perfect linen skirts, fabulous stilettos, gowns that made me lay awake at night fantasizing of the sleek parties they were worn to, a dressing room fit for Elizabeth Taylor and her untouchable air of sophistication even though she was just a girl from Fort Lee New Jersey.  My other great inspiration was my Grandmother.  Although her style was no where near her mothers sleekness, she had a way with risks that I admired.  She loved bows, baubles, heels, skirts, bags, jewelry and coats....mmmm, they are still one of my favorite things to collect.  
Every adventure my grandmother took she always returned with some amazing treasure for me, whether it was a great mood ring from Mexico with a beautiful bead set in the center or a wonderful brocade dress. 
I remember being a very young girl and walking in my grandmothers heels everywhere.  I was maybe about 2 when I mastered the art of strutting and was lucky because my tiny grandmother wore a size 5 1/2.  
She was the one who brought me to all of the great stores, understood how important it was to me to have the perfect fitting jeans and the best camel hair coat.  
Those 2 women, even if they didn't know it laid my fashion foundation and to them I will forever be grateful.  
This seasons styles pay homage to those great women who showed me the way and these are the creations I grew to love and gravitate towards.
Over-sized shearling collars. I can't even take it.

Who knew a down to there V Neck could be so fantastic.

I'm crying just thinking about the simple white shirt,cuffed GAP jeans and flats I would wear with this coat.

When I saw this photo in Haarper's I couldn't bring myself to turn the page....I just stared and then caught myself running my hand over the page as if to drink the creation in through my fingertips.

Ugh, I love this too much.

I cry over this coat thats how badly I want it to be mine.

How women haven't been wearing this style has my mind boggled.  Everything about it screams gorgeous, glamorous, mysterious and powerful.

MMMM, a three piece suit is perfection.

Mustard yellow dress and shearling lined booties.  Please, put me out of my misery now if they can't be mine!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pattern Patterns Everywhere


These delicious little shorts are form the Urban sale rack.  The amazing blouse is off the dollar rack from a bodega in Bushwick (if you leave your dry cleaning at the dry cleaners for too long they give your stuff to the bodegas to sell). The green Soludos are from the The W Hotels The Store.

This amazing cowl neck sweater is another great purchase from The W Hotels The Store.
My Pulsar is here and the compliments have been flowing.  I love this watch!  Its so strong yet feminine at the same time.

It's my Iggy Nay Nay!!