Sunday, October 30, 2011

sneak peak: inside my make up bag.

left to right whats inside: ole henricksen african red tea exfoliating lip salvation, burt's bees naturally ageless hand cream, rosewater face spray, tarte mascara, tarte blush in dollface, laura mercier duo compact, roll on perfume from urban outfitters, tarte lip stain in lust.
these are my make up bag essentials. for me it's not only about looking like i have good skin, i need to nourish it from within & actually have good skin. i reaaaaallly try my very hardest to avoid products with harsh chemicals, animal testing & perfumes. i like to keep my kit as close to the source as possible and i believe there is a natural cure for any ailment.  dry lips, throw a little extra virgin olive oil on them at night. need a good exfoliant!? mix equal parts sea salt, organic raw sugar, olive oil & some essential oils and scrub away. need a little natural skin lightening boost? mix fresh squeezed lemon with some honey and viola! moisturizing & lightening mask. my list goes on and on :) i just feel so passionately about feeding goodness into our bodies not toxic crap....ew, thats so 1980. so before you grab some cheap product from the drug store think about the investment you're making into your bodies future. abuse it now, you'll regret it later....and thats no fun!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

miu miu.


maui wowie. i want these miu miu sparkle booties more than my little sparkle loving heart could ever imagine. they remind me of this pair of sparklie "dorothy" ruby slippers my grandmother had gotten me when i was little. i wore them until my giant evil stepsister foot couldn't fit into them anymore. like, literally wore them to bed i loved them so much. 

Miu Miu images TFS and Bruce Weber

Sunday, October 23, 2011

gothic fairietale.

gorgeous. simply gorgeous.

verdict is in.

jeeez, tarte! seriously you should be dominating the beauty world with your superior cosmetics. so, as per the other products i own by tarte, their mascara is amazing. long lasting lush lashes, super cool wooden tube & its made from my favorite; amazonian clay that nourishes and feeds your lashes leaving them healthier & sexier over time ;) score!

Monday, October 17, 2011

products i die for.

every one of these tarte products has a home in my make up bag. i live and die for the amazonian clay 12 hour blush, awesome color variety and a near photo finish,  my obsession lives on. the lipsurgnce lip tint has revolutionized my love of a fab lip color, seriously, it moisturizes (non synthetically), doesn't bleed (what!? hell ya) and comes in well edited but essential collection of colors. the tarte mascara is on its way to me so i'll get back to you on those reviews. true story, so obsessed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

beauty comes from the inside.

people all around us forget, beauty isn't necessarily what you see on the outside, but what radiates from your inner core. are you a good, fair person? a good friend? a good mother/daughter/sister? that is what nature judges us on, not frivolous fleeting outer beauty. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011


im pretty sure this child is near perfection. from the articles i've read, she seems charming, extremely intelligent & a sweet soul. i'm dying to see martha marcy may marlene...seems kinda creepy but i'm curious to see her performance. i think this gal is stunning and if she has half the talent that she has looks she's going places. move over mk & ashley. just kidding! i live and die for their designs & come on, i thought full house was called the little michelle show till i was like 8.....i love the whole fam, period end of story.