Thursday, April 12, 2012

bb love.

my nickname could literally be "the cream queen". i have a cream for nearly every part of my body and i religiously apply them. everyday. my body is my temple. love it. so, you can imagine my excitement when i discovered dr. brandt's new flexitone bb cream. shit is the bomb! it took my morning routine and smooshed into something only a new yorker would appreciate. sunscreen, anti aging cream AND tinted moisturizer in 1 easy step?! sold & obsessed. i have a more olive based skin tone and it adjusts quite nicely, but i've read some reviews saying the tone doesn't adjust so smoothly with the fairer skinned ladies. either way i say run over to sephora and try some on your hand. if it blends, snatch that baby up, luxuriate & enjoy wrinkle free flawless complexion.

after a few use's i did realize it gave my face a completely different color than my neck. sadly my miracle cream has to go back. the search continues! readers if you have and natural-ish bb cream suggestions, please feel free to post them!



people act like they've never seen a pair of nipples and it annoys me! who cares about this  woman's nip's when infact she is wearing one of THE ugliest dresses anyone has ever seen! it looks like a tiered doily with tea stains all over it.  lets not even mention her dynasty blowout. my advice; lose the doily keep the nipples.


wow! anne hathaway chops all her hair off for les mis and crystal renn goes platinum.....for a yet to be determined reason. if i may weigh in; i adore short hair....on other women and i think anne should roll with this look for a while after her performance. she has those great big doll like features that only a cropped mane could accentuate. so i love it anne. keep that shit. crystal, crystal, crystal what the hell are you doing selling out your zaftig brunette counterparts for a trip down platinum stick figure lane?! as a brunette i of course have toyed with the idea of going platinum and taking up the snow bunny diet but that just isn't for me. i'm curvy, i'm brunette, im sassy....i'm brunette. crystal darling, eat a grass fed cow burger and go visit your colorist stat. you look like it's halloween and it's barely even june soooooo. ya know. remedy that situation.

Monday, April 2, 2012


needs more cowbell.

around town.

where's erica? you can totally see her in the background.
biked around town with my sister last week and snapped some pictures. it was so warm and gorgeous, all the trees were blooming, i just couldn't help myself.