Thursday, April 18, 2013

Redken Extreme Anti Snap

Ok, so I think you all know that it pains me enormously to say a product that isn't totally natural works wonders, but here it goes. Redken you truly brought something my hair was clearly lacking back into the game! Baw chicka bawawa. I put two pumps in clean damp hair, pulled the wide tooth comb through my seemingly already stronger locks and let it air dry. It looked great! Strong, shiny and the weird puffy frizz on my ends were totally smooth. Gasp!!!  After last summers bleach capades I have learned a valuable lesson. Leave the bleach alone and if you get cray on your strands you can always save them from extinction with a few pumps of this stuff. 
Redken my biggest qualm with you is I am pretty sure you test on animals which I am strongly urging you to stop! I love little mice, rats, stray dogs and cats and it makes me really sad to think my hair is lookin fine while little baby animals have the stuff jammed in their innocent little eyes. Please stop and I will promote the shit out of your products. Till then, I shall say great product , but not such ethical treatment of critters. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

My God.

You can believe in the invisible man in the sky or you can believe in this beautiful piece of Mother Nature. Something you can physically hold and savor.