Monday, January 31, 2011

lookbooks-look of the day...a revision

so i recently published that i would be doing a lookbook look of the day. well, i've been thinking...i love doing the look of the day! but i don't like doing the worst look of the day. yes, there are a ton of ugly outfits that people post on there, but it just made me feel mean spirited. so i have decided to discontinue the worst look of the day.
here is my fav for today!

what i wore...

dress: cora
shoes: seychelle
faux fur collar: partially self made
it was a rough weekend! the hub and i were a bit on the outs, but all is better now and i'm so happy to have the weekend behind me! fighting with my hubby is the worst. so to get our minds off of everything we made our way over to the artists & fleas market in williamsburg to visit the bklyn dry goods pop up which has amazing vintage wares and i wound up finding this dress by cora (which was the pop up next to bklyn dry goods). i haven't left the house all day, but i also haven't taken this dress off. it is luxurious! and the deep green color makes it all the more glamorous to lounge around in.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

all this snow...

is pretty, but it makes me cranky. i need to run and frolic in a field and hug trees and be in a somewhat sunny-ish area (i like the sun, but in medium doses). so to cheer myself up i took a little birthday money and bought these fierce mod bootays. they don't look much for running and frolicking in a field, but ya never know! compared to other leopard booties, the quid's are super affordable and look quite comfortable all while maintaining a superior level of hiptasticness. i'll let you know about the comfort factor when they get here...only 5 more days...swoon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what i wore...

on this snowy day...
zebra print mini scarf: thrifted from the cure thriftshop
scarf: street vendor
grey sweater: american apparel
black striped shirt: forever 21
pleather mini: the w boutique
boots: steve madden

 today the husband and i did a little food shopping. yup, in the blizzard. hahaha, we were down to the bare bones in the ole refrigerator sooo we had no choice.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the roaring 20's....

slip from the salvation army

this clip was made by a friend of mine and this was the first time i think i've ever worn it. such a shame! it's so pretty!
this proenza schouler dress came form a yard sale...for $1. 
my toes! freshly painted of course. 
two most important rings i have ever received in my life....
booo, is that bike grease!? 
these pictures are from my roaring 20's themed birthday party! 

opening ceremony..

i need these. need need need!

chandeliers, sexiness....and deer


 awwwe, the little babies!

all of these pictures are super rad!! 

briana layon & the boys...

brian layon and her keyboardist andrew sotomayor 

i spotted briana while i was at lit for my birthday. she reminded me of madonna when madonna was madonna. you know what i mean :) 


gorg!! love dree hemingway.

Monday, January 24, 2011

blogger, blogger...

refinery29 is searching for their next style blogger! whoever wins will face extreme blogger challenges. yikes! you can vote for me by clicking on the heart next to my name :) thank you thank you thank you!

lookbooks-look of the day

dying for her booties & messy bun!
waaaaaay too much going on here. the pieces individually are super cool....piled on top of each other, not so much.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

wrinkled rompers & vintage wares....

 olek, is that you?

after taking it out of the bag my new romper was suuuper wrinkled, i kinda liked it.

yup, thats my very messy office.

a little sneak peak...

is this the chain i chose???? not telling :)

the inside of the brooklyn charm is a bead lovers paradise! and in all of new york city there is not one other store like it. my mom and i were in there for a while taking pictures, building my chain and chatting with the lovely ladies who were running the store jasmine and jordan. if you're ever in the burg and you wanna make some groovy necklaces definitley stop in the brooklyn charm.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

k&l update-o-rooo...

one of my favorite things to do in the morning is consult the holy grail of street style, lookbook. so from now on i will do a lookbook style of the day, best & worst. Here are my picks for today:
i have to be honest, i am not a fan of the lita's but this lovely lady pulls them off quite nicely.
this is a no...clearly. do you ladies agree? am i being too harsh?
all photos courtesy of lookbook

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