Thursday, April 12, 2012

bb love.

my nickname could literally be "the cream queen". i have a cream for nearly every part of my body and i religiously apply them. everyday. my body is my temple. love it. so, you can imagine my excitement when i discovered dr. brandt's new flexitone bb cream. shit is the bomb! it took my morning routine and smooshed into something only a new yorker would appreciate. sunscreen, anti aging cream AND tinted moisturizer in 1 easy step?! sold & obsessed. i have a more olive based skin tone and it adjusts quite nicely, but i've read some reviews saying the tone doesn't adjust so smoothly with the fairer skinned ladies. either way i say run over to sephora and try some on your hand. if it blends, snatch that baby up, luxuriate & enjoy wrinkle free flawless complexion.

after a few use's i did realize it gave my face a completely different color than my neck. sadly my miracle cream has to go back. the search continues! readers if you have and natural-ish bb cream suggestions, please feel free to post them!

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