Sunday, May 22, 2011

why oh why.

wtf are these containers doing in my park?
ugh, ya know whats so annoying? i am a pretty petite gal, but my big boobs make me look fat, they create this tent like effect which makes my stomach look massive when in reality i have a really really tiny waist. i have to wear skintight j.lo clothes to show my tiny frame, but everytime i wear something like that i feel like a hooker. i'm little but curvy and i don't want to have to "belt" everything. clothes i want to wear never showcase my size accurately and it pisses me off. how can i dress the way i want, not look fat and not look like a hooker? i guess i just have to get to the tailor more often, or travel back in time to like oooh i don't know 1955 where my shape was the norm and dresses looked lovely instead of like i'm about to hook on the street for a guess gift card. 
what i wore:
thrifted coat
owl necklace from some store on the les...can't remember the name. oh wait! tangdance. duh
sweater and shirt from urban 
american apparel leggings
and the only sandals i can wear because of my toes: jeffrey campbell
 see. i have a waist. lace bra from urban outfitters.
 iggy!!!! he's the best.
seriously, everything i wear needs to have an empire waist.
oooooh, it's my darling boy jake. i love you, my little man.

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