Tuesday, May 10, 2011

it's been a while....

this friggen foot surgery has taken my life away.
i haven't been able to do anything really, except look at other peoples pretty blogs and dream of the day when i can wear my heels again. so in the mean time i wanted to post some of the photos that have been getting me through this boring ass time in bed.


  1. Oh man, hope you heal quickly! I'm sure your Litas miss you. :P Btw, I love the pic of the coral-pink 18th century ball gown. I'd totally wear it around my house, curtsying to imaginary guests, swirling around, eating delicate sandwiches sans crust and whatnot... just so long as I could wear it, lol.

  2. thank you aubrey! ugh, i miss my litas beyond comprehension. i have been drinking crazy chlorophyll drinks to speed up the healing process and it seems to be working :) can't wait to get back into my heels. and how much do you love that gown, right?! i'm in love. i want it.