Thursday, February 20, 2014

Save & Splurge: Organic Skin Creams Reviewed

I like to try out new skin creams pretty regularly. All in the same natural vein, but I do like to shop around in different price points so that I have something to recommend for every budget. So welcome to the Brightening Serum edition of Save/Splurge!! 

In category SAVE we have this delightful little blend by Andalou! I got it from Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago and have to say, I like it. Priobitics are great internally so why not externally and Vitamin C is perfect for brightening and offering a little extra Sun protection!

 In our SPLURGE category we have Origins Mega Bright! I do love both and think they do a great job of lightening those pesky dark marks but if you can work it into your budget I would suggest eventually investing in Origins Mega Bright. It made my skin luminous!!

Enjoy! and let me know what you think! XX


  1. I tried a very similar Vitamin C renewal cream from Avalon Organics. I left it on overnight & it definitely made my complexion glow and my skin smoother. I was a bit apprehensive at first but the fact that it was organic made me feel better. I don't like synthetic crap on me or in me! ;-)

  2. I like the Avalon Organics one but it made me break out a little...then again there a so few creams that dont do that too me haha. Such sensitive skin! Keep up the good work Will you will be beautiful, glowy and wrinkle free forever :)