Tuesday, February 1, 2011

so warm and cozy...

cardigan: bdg
cashmere blazer: thrifted
grey jeans: bdg 
cream cropped sweater: urban outfitters
hair clip: thrifted
boots: aerosole 


  1. hy! i really love your style! so fresh! come check my blog, you`ll love it , i promise! would make me really happy if you return the favor and follow me too! regards from gaby!

  2. Love your hair clip and the outfit. How come when I try to put things together like that, I end up looking like a homeless person, LOL!

  3. hey ladies!! thank you!! layering is always super tricky. one too many and you end up looking like a bag lady hahaha. if you feel a bit bunchy take one layer off and see how it looks. form fitting layers are also a great way to go. the hair clip was actually on it's way to the garbage pile after it didn't sell at a yard sale. one mans trash is definitely another's treasure :) xx!