Friday, June 22, 2012

in need of a haircut or color?

Come and visit me Wednesdays all day for cut and color! Arena Eco Friendly Salon 189 Orchard Street Ny NY 10002 917.472.5390. All first time clients receive 10% their first visit with me.


  1. candice! you do hair?!? wow that is cray that explains why yours looks crazy amazing on your posts...i would love to come see you as im looking for a new stylists that is an artist you know who can tell you what you need and not ask what you want sort of...but...are you good with people who are mixed? i am half black and alaskan native i have alot of hair it's super thick and curly and so i need someone who is well versed in how to handle my hair....please let me know if you think you can help me refresh my look! writetanyaj[at]

    1. Hey Zoe!!! It would be an honor to craft your hair!!! So sorry it took so long for me to get back to you!! If you want to come in for a consultation we can totally go over your options!!! Email me when you are ready to come in :) I look forward to hearing from you :)