Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cool collared girls.

source: the sartorialist

how cool is that collar!? i want one. i feel like i'm still in post market collapse mode because i want everything i own to dual as something else. why should i spend a $100 on something i can only wear one way? pish posh. that bitch better be able to do double duty. also, i haven't been updating as frequently because lovely saturn (my ruling planet) is in retrograde along with the impending march 8th full moon in virgo and mercury about to station and start moving backwards it seems my life is a bit topsy turvy. nothing this tough old goat can't handle, but annoying non the less. i've been turning to my deck of fairie tarot cards and they are guiding me quite well.  well lovies here's to more posts and bountiful silver linings! 

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