Wednesday, September 21, 2011

alisha trimble spring/summer 2012

jewelry by designer  Jade Chiu
 one of our beautiful models jessie.

 woooohooo, victory rolls!

 designer alisha trimble making some last minute adjustments to a garment.

 one of my educators, gina. hey gina!

jewelry: jade chiu

 make up artist wenya chang touching up mary sue's make up.

c. lux cooper photography

ahhhh, fashion week was awesome! i got the opportunity to work the alisha trimble spring/summer 2012 fashion show. my cosmetology school did the hair and make up artist wenya chang and her team covered the make up. it was such an amazing day & made me realize just how possible it is to blend my love of hair & fashion into one really cool job. the whole experience was just what i needed :)

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