Tuesday, April 26, 2011

give me your blues.

nature baby, you're the one.

they were kissing outside our window! omg.
i dip dyed this american apparel dress and studded the collar. it was too matronly for my tastes the other way.
clearly i'm still in love with the hot pink lipstick i got. loving!
not sure where i found this picture, but i friggen love it.


  1. Your glasses're super cute! Are they Urban by any chance? Trying to find a cute pair o' non-prescription glasses like yours to adorn my 20/20 eyes. :) Loving the updates, lady!

  2. thank you! these are prescription :( and the company is kitami. unfortunately the days of my 20/20 vision were numbered hahaha. however, i was in urban the other day and they have a ton of really cute non prescription options. i was even thinking of grabbing a pair and having them filled so i can were them. i'd definitely pop in and see what they have. email me pictures of the ones you choose!