Friday, March 4, 2011

on the eve of a full moon...

champy baby! my mom rescued him...she now has 3 dogs. oy!
 its my baby sista! she's the grinch

 beartania!! aka bear. he's beautiful...hours later i had to break up a fight over a brussels sprout. jake had 6 puncture wounds....he's a jack russell so i've accepted the fact he may die by anothers chompers.
 i flew home from san fran and immediately went to bergen county nj to visit my fam. i needed nature to kick the rest of my flu business and brooklyns grime filled streets weren't gonna cut it. my sister and i hung out most of the weekend till she kicked me out of her bed for letting the dogs in it ahahaha, she's such a crank meaner! i let jake snuggle all over her pillow anyway ha! friday night we did shots of vodka and oj and headed up the block to ponchos where i proceed to down a massive marg and almost vom. on our way home we walked past the same weird car parts store that has been there for the past 20 years (its never open?!) and were totally freaked out by this weird mannequin! he's so so creepy.

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