Monday, February 14, 2011

lace & laughs....

lace dress:thrifted
coat: thrifted
clutch: courtesy of vintagous
shoes: zoe boots
 well, as sick as i was and boy was i, i got myself out of bed with the help of my wonderful husband, got ready and went to the premiere of my film first kiss. the film looked great on the big screen, but you can see in the pictures how awful i felt...wish it could have been a more enjoyable trip to san fran, but there is always next time! and believe me, there will definitely be a next time, san fran is gorgeous, the city is clean and the people are just so nice. ny, you can learn a thing or three!


  1. Whoa Mama! These pics are hot! H.O.T! You look so incredible. I'm sorry you were sick on the trip. You rallied like a champ though! I love that shot of you on the phone! Such a sad little puppy face... :( I miss you.
    The Hub

  2. Hi, I initially saw you on "Me In My Place" and he said I should tell you he sent me here. Glad I came. You've got great style, a good eye for pics and I absolutely love your smile. Totally set you apart on the site.