Monday, January 3, 2011

In 2011 I want more....

i want more delicious my belly.

i want song lyrics typed on colored paper for me.

is this an amethyst ring?  if it is I need 12.

i have an unhealthy attachment to deer. i still till this day haven't finished watching bambi. i need more live deer in my life.

i most definitely need more dancing in spooky mystical forests.

correspondance. need more.

  cabin in the woods..dilapidated as it may be, i want!

jack russell puppies, an army of them.

trees, trees, trees!! i tell you!

ya, i dig rosewater..i like it. a.lot.


  1. Regarding your love of deer. I found this website where you can view live video of bucks. Don't look anywhere else on this site because it is really a site for hunting, which I DESPISE, but I like watching the deer!
    There is a herd of about 10 that cross my yard twice daily!

  2. pumpkinhd1!! thank you for the recommendation! you're so lucky! when i lived in nj deer and bunnies would cross my yard and i miss that intensely. happy new year!