Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This hat is where its at!! So warm, so cozy! I got it in Williamsburg at a store called Peach Frog.  They have all designer items for super cheap.  Kinda like if Overstock.com had a store. The skirt that I'm wearing is from The W Hotels The Store, my wool jacket which is beyond warm and in great condition is from the salvation army.  I made the white t out of another white t hahaha and of course my Zoe boots are in there. 

Thats Le Husbanditto!!
Ohhhh, everyone is listening intently! 
Oh hey you guys!!

My husbanditto le Robert Tumas; amazing fiction writer, book and theater critic extraordinaire had a reading for some of his fiction that was published in Stretch Magazine the other night at WORD Book Store in Greenpoint.....longest sentence ever? It was such great fun!! Wine, great readings, and course what would the evening be without a little Shakespeare performed by our friends James and Jeff...I'm not sure who the third guy is hehehehe...if anyone knows who the mystery man is lemme know.


  1. Hi Candice! It was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon in the park. I will have to check out that Peach Frog store the next time I'm in Brooklyn. It sounds right up my alley, lol.

    Cool blog! :-)


  2. Kendra!! I was so great meeting you! Your blog is amazing and a gal can never have too many brooches!! I say go for 5 next time :) Peach Frog is amazing!! Highly recommended!