Thursday, December 30, 2010

Margot Helen Tenenbaum....

To all of my readers!! I have missed you! The holiday was so wonderful!! Lot's of party going, friend seeing and most of all, my favoritest part!!!!! Prezzie opening! My husband was so amazing, he went on Aunt Anna's Etsy site Vintagous and picked out some of the most gorgeous pieces which I will photograph and post soon :) How was your holiday!? Did you all get lots of great prezzies!?
Sooo, the story of this coat issss, I have been desperately searching high and low for a faux fur I liked. A lot of them weren't cute hahaha, then as Bobby and I were walking to meet our friends Christmas day we passed Forever 21....and there she was, gleaming brilliantly in the front window, behind locked doors. I smooshed my face up and against the window and purred "that's the one". Hahahaha, my poor darling husband, he looked like he was going to cry because when I want something very little if anything is able to stand in my way.  I'm pretty sure he thought he'd be bailing me out of jail for breaking down the Forever 21 window.  I'm not that crazy! I patiently waited till the next day and ran to Forever 21 at 11 am in the snow storm (the snow storm pictures are posted above)....there was some additional  drama surrounding the coat, but as usual my husband saves the day and did everything in his power to attain it for me. The man is a saint. The Royal Tenenbaums being one of my favorite movies of all time made having this coat a necessity. I'm in love with Margot Tenenbaum....So moody yet so simply stylish.

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